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Latest News February 2011.New 360° Photography and Virtual Reality Tours,
More images on the way,
Disaster in the Lake District!

360° Photography and Virtual Reality Tours

A new project I have been working on, and now perfected, is the ability to do 360 degree panoramas and put these into a tour of a building, and within that tour, being able to go through doors from room to room. You can see an example of this on the web site, just click on the thumbnail on my home page and you can look around a new school in Haywards Heath. Click on the highlighted doors and go from room to room and back again.I am offering this service to anybody who may have a use for it. The final tour is delivered in a Flash file (.SWF) on a CD or Email for you then to include in your web site or it can be emailed as an E brochure to potential clients or customers. If this will be of interest to you, please feel free to contact me.

Interactive Panoramic Tours.
To achieve the 360 degree view and tour, it requires a large number of static photographs to be taken and then stitched together to form the scene. These can then be put into the tour and viewed interactively.To record the original photographs, I use a high precision tripod and VR tripod head for absolute accuracy.

Panoramic 360 degree photography for web sites and prints.
Stitched images can capture ultra wide angle views far in excess of what I can do with the panoramic camera. This means I can produce an image literally wider than the eye can see! This is fantastic for someone to look around a building, so rather than a series of static shots, you can get a real feel for the building, zoom in, zoom out, stop and then carry on, go from room to room and back again. Just like being there!

The images can be printed onto the same archival paper as my film panoramas, but are slightly longer in proportion to their height due to the extreme view.Please contact me for pricing and sizes available.

Why have a static shot when you can have a 360 degree interactive tour!

Clients now Include:

Mansell Logo West Sussex County Council Logo Pilgrim Hall Logo Northlands Wood Primary School Logo

Mansell Construction Services LTD

West Sussex County Council

Pilgrim Hall

Northlands Wood Primary School

More Images on the way!

Well finally I have got round to scanning some more transparencies. These should be appearing on the web site in the near future so please come back and have a look. The problem has been the amount of spotting I was having to do when I used the Epsom 4990. As it has a glass plate, I was getting Newton rings and no matter how meticulous I was when cleaning the glass and the transparencies, the time spent spotting was about half an hour per picture.I have since invested in a Microtec Artix Scan F1, which scans the transparency within the unit and not on top of the glass plate, this removes the chance of Newton rings and the dust on the glass plate.I have also started to put the transparencies through a XSTAT machine, this removes any dust and also removes all the static from the transparency. Using this technique and the new scanner, I managed to scan 130 pictures over the Christmas holiday and it only took 2 days.

All that is left now, is to colour balance and adjust the levels to get the scan to match the original. This is being done by Red Box Cameras in Tunbridge Wells.

Now that the boring part of the process has been resolved, you should see the number of images increase on a regular basis. I have still been taking the images, I have just not had the enthusiasm to do the scanning.

To start, the pictures will go into the "New Images" section and will then be moved into the regular categories once the new images are ready.

Disaster in the Lakes!

Now for the bad news, whilst on holiday in the Lake District in October the light was fantastic, and I got a spectacular shot of Loughrigg Tarn. I then put the Horseman sw617 in the rucksack in the boot but did not zip it up as there were bound to be more images on the way home. There were not. When we got back to the place we were staying, I started to unload the car, when someone else turned up and wanted to come through the gate. In my rush to get out of the way, I grabbed the rucksack and slung it over my shoulder, only to hear the Horseman SW617 hit the tarmac about 6 feet away and then see the lenses drop out of the bag onto the tarmac!!!!I looked to see the camera back wide open and detached, broken, bent and the film hanging out.I gathered everything up and took it inside to asess the damage. The back was beyond repair, the shutter in the lens had become detached and the front section of the lens had pulled the shutter unit apart. The other lenses had some marks on them and the light meter had stopped working.To say I was annoyed was an understatement and with another week left with good weather forecast, I was furious with myself.

Luckily I had taken a 5x4 set up with me so I could take some pictures in the following week, but NOT panoramics!

On my return, I deposited the camera and lenses with Camera Repairs Ltd, Protech Photographic in Coopers Green near Uckfield. They repaired the shutter, checked the operation of the other lenses and put everything right in a very short time. I can't recommend them enough! A new back was purchased from Robert White, and I was back up and running.ALWAYS zip your bag up; you never know when you will forget it is open!

That's all for the moment. I will put more tours on as they are processed.

Hot on the heels of Horseman. Linhof have now introduced a new Technorama 617 S lll body which incorporates a dark slide within the body. This means that by using 220 film you will get 8 exposures and the facility to change lenses mid roll. Great!
I have used this new body on a trip to Lake Garda and it is a great improvement.

I was staying at the northern end of Lake Garda at Riva Del Garda for a week and using the 617 format abroad for the first time. Due to the strict hand baggage allowance I was only able to take the camera with the 72mm lens and the 180mm lens, plus lots of film. A day trip to Venice did not yield many photographs as time was too short and it was far too busy. I did get some shots and a couple even hand held from the boat!

During my stay I went to the Dolomites and got some superb shots at high altitude, just before the cloud closed in and the snow storm started!

I have just return from my annual pilgrimage to the Lake District to capture the autumn colours. They had not reached their fullness and some days were overcast, so this let me concentrate on river and woodland shots as the overcast light was perfect for this. Towards the end of the week I rose to find mist lying on Derwent Water, so it was of to Castlehead Wood to get some great shots of the morning light illuminating the tops of the fells with the mist below, stunning! Then off to Castlrigg for some great shots of the mist in the valley looking towards Dale Bottom.

You will find a small selection of the Italian photographs in the new section "The rest of the world" you will also find them in the other new section, "New photographs" along with a selection from the recent Lake District trip. This is just a small selection as scanning takes a lot of time and with a 100 rolls to get through it will take a while, but as more are scanned they will be added.

Thanks to everybody who has viewed the web site, I hope you enjoy it and please pass it on to anyone you think will be interested.

Horseman SW 617

Horseman have brought out the SW 617 camera that has the facility to change the film back. The backs now incorporate a dark slide so you can change the lenses mid roll.

I have been using this camera for the past few months and here is a recent picture taken with it.

"Storm and rainbow, Palace Pier, Brighton"

This was taken in Brighton, East Sussex on a Sunday afternoon. I saw the black clouds developing during the day and spent all day taking photographs and this was the last shot of the day. The rainbow had appeared and the sky went jet black. I quickly set up the tripod and composed the shot, I just managed to take 1 roll, 4 pictures, when the heavens opened and I had to run for shelter on the pier. By the time I got there I was soaked, but I had got the picture.

On my visit to Focus this year I called in at the Linhof stand. They have now brought out a body for the 617 Technorama that also utilises a dark slide, so that you now have the ability to change the lenses on the Linhof without fogging the film. The advantage with the Linhof over the Horseman is that the Linhof uses 120 and 220 film, the Horseman only used 120. This means you can now have 8 pictures by using 220 roll with the ability to change lenses mid roll which will be a huge benefit in the field.

I have ordered a body and will report back on my findings when I have had a chance to use it.

The best news of all is that Fuji is reintroducing Velvia 50 because of the demand from photographers. I will report on my findings of this new film compared with the old Velvia 50 once I have got hold of some and run it through the camera.